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How Can AGV Warehouse Robots Move Materials Faster?

In order to improve the efficiency of warehouse delivery and reduce costs, more and more autonomous forklift companies's manufacturing industries specializing to move robots show a growing demand for intelligent handling. This requires a more flexible handling system of the factory's automated mobile robot logistics line so that it can be quickly deployed in accordance to production needs. So how to achieve more efficient logistics handling?

1. AGV warehouse robot should check the per capita material capacity

Before specifying the automatic material handling scheme, we must first analyze what kind of container to carry the material we need to carry and use the material box, pallet, cage car, and so on. The selection of material units usually considers the process requirements and ensures higher efficiency. 

2. The use of AMR AGV warehouse robots need to reasonably plan the handling distance.

Imagine that we order a takeaway or want to eat quickly, what will you choose? If you don't think about what you want to eat, everyone will choose the one that is closer to you. The same is true for material handling. If you want the AGV warehouse robot (one of the automated mobile robots) to complete the handling task as soon as possible, of course, the closer the handling points are, the better. This is the work that needs to be planned in the early stage. In order to ensure the reasonable placement of equipment and meet process requirements, it is better to shorten the distance between the materials needed to be moved and arrange their layout rationally.

3. Choose AMR AGV warehouse robots rationally

With the use of intelligent robots being more and more widely, manufacturers also continue to bring forth the new forms of handling robots, and each robot has its own suitable application field and specific function. Pick one according to your actual needs. Make the system run stably with higher efficiency.

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4. AMR AGV warehouse robot should be careful in planning the routine

As can be seen from the site where AGV warehousing robots have been applied, multiple AGV often encounter mutual influence when carrying out material handling, resulting in congestion. Therefore, the routine planning in the early stage of the project is very important. Good routine planning allows multiple AGVs to reduce the risk of clogging each other, making the system more fluid and more efficient. Inquiry automated guided vehicle price,

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