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Multiway help food industry enterprise double the dfficiency by integrating smart logistics solutions

As the scale of my country's food market continues to expand, market demand has put forward higher requirements for food processing companies' storage, order response, and production. This has forced many food companies to start thinking about how to improve efficiency from production to sales and use automated machinery to meet the growing needs of enterprise development.

In addition to facing the challenges brought by the demand side, the food industry also faces a series of challenges. In the food production workshop, the raw material or finished product warehouse has a large variety of materials and heavy weight. It is necessary to frequently and efficiently transport materials to the production line. There are large safety hazards in the transportation of goods, and the intelligent and informatization of logistics cannot be realized. How to improve the efficiency of food processing and circulation? How to effectively grasp inventory information? How to accurately forecast order sales and inventory statistics to reduce inventory backlog? It has become a problem that many food companies urgently need to solve.

A leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, Multiway Robotics has carried out in-depth cooperation with many customers in the food industry to improve the level of on-site logistics automation for food companies, improve operation accuracy, handling efficiency, and solve logistics management confusion, high employment costs, and peak shipments To realize the intelligentization of food production and food enterprise management under high pressure and other problems, and help the transformation and upgrading of the food industry.

Case selection

Case 1: Food packaging material production line distribution

  Pallet unmanned forklift MW-T20+RCS+WMS+WCS

  Pallet unmanned forklift MW-T20+RCS+WMS+WCS

In this scenario, the supply of raw materials is online, and the carton packaging materials need to be transported from the auxiliary material warehouse to the production line. The intelligent material distribution is realized through the pallet-type unmanned forklift and the Weiwei self-developed dispatch system RCS + on-site management system WMS + docking system WCS.

Difficulties of the project:

Collaborative docking: according to the demand of the production line from time to time ordering materials, manual collaboration efficiency is low

Cost input: labor reliance is strong, and personnel costs are rising year after year

Difficulty in management: staff working in two shifts, repetitive and invalid walking operations

Operational efficiency: There is no location information management on site, and the efficiency of picking up and finding goods is slow

Program highlights:

Reduce labor costs, realize unmanned handling, and improve operational efficiency

Import on-site management system, real-time monitoring of auxiliary material warehouse inventory information and location status

Tray posture recognition function improves the flexibility of the solution and reduces on-site transformation

Significantly reduce labor intensity requirements for manual alignment

360°all-round security, real-time monitoring by Skyeye system

The logistics automation of the food industry is still in its infancy in our country. Whether it is the flow of food processing goods, the storage of raw materials and finished products in warehouses, and the visual management of inventory, there is an urgent need for the blessing of digital and intelligent systems to truly purchase and produce food. , Processing, warehousing, and distribution are effectively integrated to truly realize the intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the industry.

"Food industry" integrated smart logistics solutions help double the efficiency!

Deeply cultivate the industry and intensively cultivate the customers, so that the solutions and products are closer to the actual needs of the customers, aiming at the actual application of the industry, continuous improvement and iteration, and creating products that meet the actual needs of the customers.

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