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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Dynamic Anti Shake Algorithm | for Palletizing Storage+ ±2mm + 4.5m High Shelf

Customer overview

  • It belongs to a measuring instrument manufacturing giant in Germany.

  • The main products for civil and industrial and commercial gas meters, intelligent turbine and waist wheel flowmeter.

Dynamic Anti Shake Algorithm | for Palletizing Storage+ ±2mm + 4.5m High Shelf
Project Background
  • Material handling: instrument panel.

  • Project scenario: finished product workshop automation transformation and upgrading.

  • Handling process: dry rubber line → line side high shelf warehouse → piping.

  • Product selection: stacked unmanned forklift MW-L14.

  • System configuration: Dispatching System RCS + Field Management System WMS + docking system WCS (manipulator).

Project Difficulties
  • Operation efficiency: relying on pure manual operation, goods pick-up and delivery are easy to make mistakes.

  • Collaborative docking: the docking accuracy of palletizing line is required to be high, and the labor intensity of manual operation is high.

  • Warehouse volume: manual floor stacking, covering a large area, low utilization.

  • Inventory management: line side warehouse location and inventory information cannot be effectively controlled.

  • Impact of cargo damage: it is difficult to supervise the standardization of manual operation, and the cargo damage is more serious.

  • Cost input: three shifts, repetitive manual operation, high cost.

Project Value
  • Reduce 3 Workers
  • Storage Capacity Increased By 4 Times
  • 8% Reduction In Damage
  • Precise Docking
  • Visual Management

Project Scenarios

Dynamic Anti Shake Algorithm
Dynamic Anti Shake Algorithm

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