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Crowned with Honor: Multiway Robotics' "Multiwayllanes α1" Wins the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award

Recently, the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award was announced. Multiway Robotics' self-developed new form of unmanned forklift "Multiwayllanes α1" stood out from nearly 10,000 works submitted by hundreds of countries with innovative design concepts and powerful product performance. Won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award in Germany.

The Red Dot Design Award is the most prestigious design association in Europe, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, established in the German city of Essen. It is the largest and most influential competition in the world's well-known design competitions. IDEA Award" together is known as the world's three major design awards.

The Red Dot Design Award is recognized as an international recognition mark for creativity and design. Winning this award means that the appearance and texture of the product have obtained the most authoritative "quality assurance". In addition to innovation and aesthetics, the judging rules also include the achievability and functionality of the design. At the same time, the emotional attributes presented by the works will also be considered to ensure that each product is an art that combines beauty, utility and emotion. Taste.

1. The innovative concept, superior performance and innovative product design of unmanned forklifts are internationally recognized

Good design should be innovative, functional, aesthetic, and easy to understand. The selection of the Red Dot Design Award also follows these principles. Multiway Robotics' "Multiwayllanes α1" new form of unmanned forklift received this special award, marking the global recognition in terms of design and function.

The design of "Multiwayllanes α1" continues the design concept that Multiway has always followed - "detail is God". On the outside, α1's simple and smooth appearance lines, industrial texture colors and light and agile machine expressions complement each other, showing the charm of product technology; structure; Above, α1 broke through the traditional shackles, designed a double-carrying structure, with its own lifting function, and can transport 2 pallets of goods at a time. The product pursues the combination of technical aesthetics and formal aesthetics, and efficiently meets the triple pursuit of aesthetics, performance and efficiency.

2. The natural high energy of unmanned forklifts, breaking the situation and surpassing, showing the hard core strength

Bicycle investment, double benefits, accelerate the injection of intelligent manufacturing vitality, in specific application scenarios, "Multiwayllanes α1" shows amazing hard-core strength: the industry's first "single two-carrying", the self-contained lifting mechanism can be lifted up to 1000mm, The load of a single pallet can reach 1500kg, and the full load of double pallets can reach 3000kg.

At the same time, it supports traverse, spin, turn, drift, forward, and backward, with all-round driving performance, suitable for narrow roadway handling, level storage of ground storage, and flexible with elevators, hoists, automatic doors, manipulators, conveyor lines and other equipment docking.

Due to its size, the narrowest part of the roadway only needs 1500mm, and it has the ability to traverse and spin, so it can walk freely in the narrow roadway. It can be used in workshops or warehouses to create intelligent intelligent manufacturing scenarios, which can greatly improve the enterprise space. Utilization and multiple performance advantages also make it more widely applicable to matching scenarios.


3. The honor of the unmanned forklift is crowned, and the achievements are more than this

Innovation is the continuous driving force for enterprise development. Innovation is not a simple version iteration, but a redefinition of products based on market demands.

As a member of the Multiway Robotics product family, Multiwayllanes α1 interprets the perfect combination of design aesthetics and technical characteristics. It not only has the soul of the ultimate humanoid design, but also has a double-insertion style and hard-core performance. At the same time, it is integrated into the design of the bicycle distributed dispatching system. Let it have more intelligent and powerful product power, which has been recognized by all walks of life since its launch.

Winning the Red Dot Design Award this time represents that Multiway Robotics will further enhance its influence and popularity on the international stage. In the future, Multiway Robotics will continue to cultivate technology, review industrial design from the needs of the scene, and create more new products with both aesthetics and technological applications.


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