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Boosting the development of the industry, Multiway Robotics co-organizes the preliminary round of the Dongguan Mobile Robot TV Contest ended

On December 12, Dongguan, China.

The preliminary contest of the 2021 "Guangdong Technician" Mobile Robot Television Competition was successfully held.


As the "world factory", Dongguan is the manufacturing capital of China. With the improvement of manufacturing level, enterprises also have extraordinary requirements for production quality and transportation efficiency. Therefore, factories are in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, and intelligent logistics is the most urgent solution.

As the industry's leading provider of smart logistics solutions, Mimi Robot participated in the 2021 "Guangdong Technician" Mobile Robot TV Competition in the role of technical co-organizer, helping Dongguan and even the whole country to upgrade smart manufacturing, promote the development of smart logistics industry, and further demonstrate China's wisdom The strength of Dongguan's intelligent manufacturing.

The models of unmanned forklifts used in this competition are all from the "Mobile Micro Robot". As the designated vehicle for the competition, Xiao Mo is very proud of it. Let’s go back to the weekend and look at the outstanding features of the unmanned forklift. !


This race track has two storage spaces, one of which is empty and the other is full. Competitors need to set the path in the system in advance, and operate the mobile robot (unmanned forklift) from the starting position to move to the full storage space. Pick up the goods and move them to the empty warehouse, unload the goods and return to the starting position to complete the entire operation process.


Although the machine is complicated, the deployment is simple. Under the guidance of the professional engineers of Weiwei, the contestants have learned nothing about the “mobile robots” in front of them, and they only took a few days to operate them well during the competition. Most teams successfully completed the preliminary tasks within half an hour.


Participants will build a map model of the unmanned forklift operation scene through the micro-scheduling system, and realize the optimal planning of the mobile robot multi-path in the map model through task scheduling management, and finally learn how to monitor the unmanned forklift in real time through equipment monitoring and management .


Robots are known as "the jewel on the top of the manufacturing crown", and their R&D, manufacturing, and application levels are key indicators to measure the degree of development of high-end manufacturing.

It is worth mentioning that the core hardware, algorithm and software system of the mobile micro robot are all independently developed, through the construction of a three-in-one software system platform, and collaborative evolution, rapid iterative upgrades.


During the competition, the response speed and accuracy of the mobile micro-robot amazed the audience, and the operation was smooth and completed in one go.

In the industry, Mawei’s robots can achieve millimeter-level positioning, with a primary positioning accuracy of ±5mm, and a secondary positioning accuracy of ±2mm, with a stack height of up to 10m; driving in narrow lanes, Weiwei’s self-developed side-fork unmanned forklift , The narrowest tunnel is only 1.8m.


In addition to the positioning accuracy, the unmanned forklifts of Meiwei are very eye-catching in terms of product performance indicators such as load, lifting height, running speed, safety, and minimum passage. This is the result of many years of deep cultivation in the technical field of Meiwei.


The preliminary round of the 2021 "Guangdong Technician" Mobile Robot TV Competition has come to an end. The final on the 14th will be held in the No. 1 studio of Dongguan Radio and Television Station. Please continue to pay attention to us.

As the demand for intelligent manufacturing upgrades becomes more and more prominent, on-site intelligent logistics solution providers that use various unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors and storage robots as hardware carriers will greatly change the existing production logistics The operation mode of warehousing and logistics, coupled with a powerful software system, and the strong support of the government will undoubtedly bring huge energy boost to the industry.

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