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Automated Pallet Jacks are Widely Used in Warehousing and Logistics Industries

Automated pallet jacks are one of the important industrial handling vehicles. They are often used for the transportation of large objects in storage, which greatly improves the storage and logistics transportation capacity of enterprises and saves manpower and costs.

1. The function of automated pallet jack

The driving wheels, load wheels and balance wheels of automated pallet jack are all polyurethane wheels with unique processing technology, which greatly increases the service life; the design of small vehicle ensures it can be used in various narrow and small safe passages; the operation speed is fast, and it has a strong carrying capacity, greatly improving work efficiency; it boasts an infinitely variable speed computer operating system, large space traction and rechargeable batteries.

With the smart rocker, the operator can lock the vehicle according to the smart code. You can easily control the driving speed. If you need to speed up, just turn the speed-up power switch on the rocker. The greater the rotation, the faster the speed per hour. Delayed acceleration function: if the operator accelerates the driving and rotates to a faster speed, the unique function of this equipment will be automatically turned on, and it will run at a high speed from a low-speed gear to avoid damage to people caused by speeding up too fast.

Turn off the power brake pedal function of the automated pallet jack: the rocker is the brake pedal when it is erected, and the operator can also brake on the inclination to prevent the vehicle from sliding forward and downhill at will, reducing safety accidents.

2. The advantages of automated pallet jack used in the warehousing and logistics industry

The use of robotic pallet jacks makes the work of the staff more convenient, makes the placement of goods more stable, and greatly improves the work efficiency of the staff! The automated pallet jack is exquisite in appearance and convenient in practical operation; with low noise, low pollution, it can work in superstores, shopping malls, warehouses, freight stations, production workshops and other places, especially in metallurgical applications such as food, textiles, packaging and printing.

Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) CO., LTD. specializes in the production and provision of robotic pallet jack, using unmanned forklifts/AMR as the hardware platform. Through machine vision and comprehensive upper-level system empowerment, we provide customers with integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing. Hardware products include various unmanned forklifts and AMR; software systems include WMS, WCS, field management systems, and various visualization solutions. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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