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Application of Multiway Robotics Unmanned Forklift in Various Scenarios

Intelligent logistics has become an important component of manufacturing enterprises' unmanned and intelligent transformation. Since there are many complex scenarios in the logistics industry, the logistics model that only solves the problem of handling and distribution has been unable to adapt to the increasingly personalized and refined needs. Intelligent logistics application scenarios are developing towards the dynamic development trends featuring large-scale, man-machine hybrid, multi-device collaboration, and on-demand operations. It becomes increasingly important to build scenarios that match the products used.

With product definition and product development as the core and technology as the driving force, Multiway Robotics has built a leading integrated delivery platform for intelligent logistics. On the hardware side: it has completed the creation of a full range of products such as unmanned forklift, AMR, AGV tractor, and storage robot. On the software side: it has completed a complete set of self-developed core algorithms and systems, covering multi-scenario applications.

As an important carrier of logistics automation transformation, unmanned forklifts are widely used in workplaces with repetitive handling, heavy handling work, harsh working environments and high environmental requirements. Among them, horizontal handling, high-level storage, production line docking, unmanned lift trucks and other functional scenarios are prominent. Our aim is to create intelligent manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics systems.

Horizontal handling

Application case: material distribution in the food industry

Handling material: carton packaging material

Application scenario: raw materials supplied to the production line

Handling process: auxiliary material warehouse → production line

High-level storage

Application case: third-party logistics high access

Handling material: circulating commodities

Application scenario: the warehouse area is nearly 10,000 square meters, involving out-put and in-put of warehouse and picking operations

Handling process: involves common storage handling modes such as entering warehouse, sorting, leaving warehouse, and inspection.

Production line docking

Application case: aerospace

Handling materials: engine parts

Application scenario: no Wi-Fi scenario, turnover and handling between production lines

Handling process: unmanned handling between circulating production lines

Unmanned lift trucks

Traditionally manual forklifts are used for stacking and loading on the trucks to solve the last mile problem of intelligent logistics. One of the important solutions is to use unmanned forklifts for automatically loading and unloading to truly realize unmanned logistics.

The unmanned forklift realizes the docking with elevators, automatic doors, conveyors, rollers, manipulators and other equipment systems through the equipment control system, realizes the unification of the equipment side, and connects the system function console and data center with the same sense, and conducts the whole site management of equipment and information flow.

Device docking

Application case: food industry

Handling materials: fast-moving consumer goods

Application scenario: automatic or manual palletizing and warehousing of finished products

Handling process: automatic palletizing line/manual palletizing → three-dimensional warehouse elevator

Scenario flexible customization-clamping, warehousing and handling

Application case: chemical industry

Handling materials: down cotton packaging

Application scenario: transport the filled down cotton to automatic packaging line and then put it into storage

Handling process: unloading area - automatic packaging and palletizing line - warehouse area

On-site logistics is mainly to transport and store raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, etc. in the manufacturing process. The warehousing system is connected to the production system. According to the different production processes, production can be divided into many subdivisions. Each subdivision requires different solutions, and the degree of industry customization is relatively high.

Facing scenarios with complex requirements and greater technical challenges and pressures, Multiway Robotics utilizes its own technical advantages to enable AI algorithms to be implemented in the application field, and to fully cooperate with other peripheral equipment, WCS, WMS and other systems to provide a one-stop on-site smart logistics solution.

There are still a large number of special application scenarios in manufacturing production, such as common clamping, flipping and other scenarios with special requirements for the on-site environment, such as high temperature, cold storage, etc. Through the use of specially customized core sensor components, vehicle body and actuators, combined with the actual needs of the scenario, we match the scenario and solve such problems.

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Multiway Robotics is a leading provider of on-site intelligent logistics solutions. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, it has offices in East China, Central China, North China, Southwest China, Northeast China and other places, and has established an overseas operation center. Our business sales, operations and services cover all regions at home and abroad.

Multiway Robotics focuses on advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology, providing customers with complete intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics solutions. Hardware products include: various types of unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors and storage robots. Software systems include: Multiway Cloud, WMS, WCS, on-site management systems and various visual solutions. A large number of benchmark projects have been delivered in the fields such as factories, warehousing, logistics, etc. It has become a trusted partner of industry-leading customers.

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