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Analysis of Three-level Safety System of AGV Forklift

Ⅰ. The safety of the first-level dispatching system of AGV forklift

The dispatch system independently developed by the robot has pre-detection and pre-planning functions, which can monitor road occupancy and obstacles in advance, and plan passages in advance according to tasks. At the same time, combined with the arc algorithm, set a variety of picking and unloading strategies, so as to realize the task implementation process at the scheduling level Security.

Ⅱ. AGV forklift second-level on-board safety

The robot’s vehicle-mounted system has functions such as cargo overweight monitoring, tilt monitoring, AGV car body posture monitoring, and speed adaptive detection. Through self-applicable algorithms, it can avoid safety hazards like overweight cargo, cargo tilt, improper car body posture, excessive speed and so on. At the same time, the on-board system has hundreds of error self-diagnosis and monitoring functions to avoid safety problems caused by errors.

Ⅲ. AGV forklift three-level on-board safety

In terms of hardware configuration, the safety laser of the robot unmanned AGV auto forklift adopts an independent safety control circuit to ensure that the safety protection function is still available when the car body fails. At the same time, the self-developed core controller adopts aviation-grade safety standards and automotive-grade industrial The chip and control board meet the IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating.

The use of heat dissipation simulation technology allows the product to cool more naturally and run more stably during operation. In addition, a comprehensive security perception system is standard equipped with a 360° security function.

1. Long-distance multi-directional laser obstacle avoidance

The AGV vehicle has built-in various safety sensors for obstacle avoidance protection, adopts a non-contact safety design, uses lasers to identify surrounding obstacles. Through a combination of multiple sensors, it can meet 360° planar obstacle detection, 270° elevation obstacle detection. Various strategies such as speed monitoring, path optimization, and safe speed limit are used to cope with different working conditions and improve the safety adaptability in the scene.

2. Sound and light anti-collision reminder

Forklift AGV has 360° omni-directional visual and auditory sensory warnings, and operators can intuitively understand the real-time movement status of the AGV such as reminding people to avoid avoidance through the on-board voice player, and flashing the color of the warning light on the roof. Operator forklift AGV operating status. Through a full range of pre-warning, the safety of personnel and auto forklift AGV operation is improved to a greater extent.

3. 360° security perception protection

The safety laser sensor on the body of the AGV, the infrared sensor of the tip of the fork arm, the electronic edge, the emergency stop switch of the on-board system can autonomously collect the status of each device in real-time, and can cut off the power supply of the forklift AGV in time when the device fails/failures. Stop alarm to avoid continuing operation in the case of a safety device failure to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

The self-developed vehicle-mounted system can perceive the position and posture of the AGV in the map in real-time. When the forklift-type AGV has problems such as path deviation, abnormal positioning, communication failure and so on. The vehicle-mounted system can control the parking and alert in time.

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