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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Multiway Robotics Welcomes Duisburg City Government Delegation for Exchange!

In a groundbreaking development that underscores Multiway Robotics' leadership in the field of unmanned forklift solutions, the company recently had the privilege of hosting a distinguished delegation from the Duisburg City Government in Germany. The visit, aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration, marks a significant step forward in advancing unmanned technology and its integration into industrial landscapes.


Pioneering Unmanned Forklift Solutions:

Multiway Robotics, a trailblazer in autonomous robotics, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, redefining how industries operate. Specializing in unmanned forklift solutions, the company's cutting-edge technology has revolutionized material handling processes, ensuring efficiency, safety, and precision.

A Momentous Exchange:

The visit from the Duisburg City Government delegation served as a testament to Multiway Robotics' global impact. The delegation, comprising key decision-makers, industry experts, and officials, witnessed firsthand the seamless integration of robotics into logistics and warehouse management. Through a series of engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and interactive sessions, the delegation gained valuable insights into the potential applications and benefits of unmanned forklifts.

Fostering Technological Advancement:

The visit aligns perfectly with Multiway Robotics' commitment to advancing technological innovation and promoting knowledge sharing. By opening its doors to a global delegation, the company demonstrates its dedication to fostering an ecosystem where expertise and ideas converge, driving progress in the field of robotics and automation.


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