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Upgrade aluminum enterprises Logistics with Multiway AGV Solution

With the rapid development of the economy, the hardware casting mold industry has flourished. However, for a long time, the industry's progress has been hindered by issues such as high labor costs, significant safety hazards, and low automation levels.


Multiway Robotics has assisted an aluminum material company in achieving logistics automation and upgrading through the use of unmanned forklifts and dedicated fork arms. This approach helps to save labor costs and reduce safety risks.


Project Overview:


This large-scale aluminum materials company's business includes the production, sales, and international trade of aluminum and its alloys. They are also involved in the recycling, dismantling, processing, and sales of scrap aluminum.

  • Material Handling: Aluminum coils


  • Project Status: Manual handling → Unmanned forklift handling


  • Project Scenario: Unmanned forklifts transport cargo from the temporary storage area to the packaging area.


Project Pain Points:


  • Inefficient Operation: Relying on manual labor leads to high labor intensity and low efficiency in locating and handling goods.


  • Safety Hazards: The presence of large amounts of factory dust increases the likelihood of safety issues.


  • Cost Input: Running a three-shift workforce for repetitive manual tasks results in high operational costs.


  • Inefficient Systems: Lack of traceability and low level of automation in the current integration systems.


  • Future Planning: The aim is to reduce dependency on manual labor, lower costs, and enhance overall efficiency.


Overall Solution:


  • Product Selection: Unmanned forklifts with dedicated fork arms.


  • System Configuration: RCS (Robot Control System) for scheduling and WMS (Warehouse Management System) for on-site management.


  • Project Customization: pallet posture recognition to enhance the capabilities of the system.

Operation Workflow:


  • Ipad Dispatch: The operator uses a handheld ipad to adjust cargo information and calls for an unmanned forklift to pick up the designated cargo.


  • System Operation: Multiway RCS scheduling system generates handling tasks, and the unmanned forklift goes to the temporary storage area, picks up the corresponding aluminum coil, and transports it to the designated packaging area.


  • Ipad Adjustment: Cargo information is regularly updated through the ipad.


  • After completing the task, the unmanned forklift automatically moves to the automatic charging station to recharge itself or waits at a designated standby point.


Project Value:


  • Enhanced Efficiency: The automation of material handling from the starting point to the temporary storage area optimizes the entire production line process, leading to cost savings in labor and improved operational efficiency.


  • Visualized Inventory Management: The integration of Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) allows for real-time material distribution information, online data tracking throughout the entire process, and achieves information digitization, automation, and intelligent management.


  • Improved Productivity: With the Robot Control System (RCS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), the unmanned forklifts are automatically scheduled based on production line demands and the status of various locations, significantly enhancing the handling process and overall efficiency.


With the development of modern industrialization, the hardware casting mold industry is witnessing a trend towards large-scale development, which is considered the future direction of the industry. In this particular case of the aluminum materials company, they have been facing difficulties in recruiting workers, dealing with high labor costs, and experiencing a low level of automation in recent years. This further emphasizes the urgent need for the mold industry to transition from traditional workshop-style management to modern enterprise management.


Through collaboration with Multiway Robotics, significant labor cost savings have been achieved, allowing the company to allocate limited funds to high-end product development, cultivate skilled and high-tech talent, and incorporate internationally advanced inspection tools. This has resulted in an improvement in the company's competitiveness and economic benefits, promoting its transformation and upgrading. As a leading provider of intelligent intralogistics solutions, Multiway Robotics possesses cutting-edge technology and product innovation capabilities. We are willing to join hands with various enterprises to build intelligent and efficient factories, collectively creating a promising future.

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