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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Multiway Robotics joins hands with the leading clothing equipment manufacturing enterprise to explore a new path of intelligent transformation!

Multiway Robotics has helped a leading clothing equipment manufacturing enterprise successfully achieve innovative upgrades in its supply chain. The company's production efficiency has rapidly improved, leading to high recognition for Multiway Robotics.


Project Overview:


The project area is divided into three main zones: workshop, outdoor area, and warehouse. The workshop has 8 production lines, while the outdoor area is located approximately 20 meters away from the warehouse. Multiway Robotics has provided the client with a flexible, efficient, and safe integrated solution with minimal environmental modifications.


Project Process:


According to the customer's requirements, a high-flexibility unmanned forklift solution is introduced. This solution utilizes the pallet stacker AGV forklift MW-SL14 as the hardware product combined with self-developed software systems WMS/WCS/RCS. It achieves intelligent material handling between the raw material warehouse and the production lines, as well as automatic storage and handling within the raw material warehouse's buffer zone.


  • Upon receiving the tasks on the tablet, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) automatically selects the starting point for the handling operation and assigns the task to the Scheduling System (RCS).


  • Material On-Line Operation Area: The RCS directs the unmanned forklift to the designated location to handle materials and place them in the specified storage location. It also retrieves empty pallets and returns them to the warehouse connection point.


  • Buffer Zone Replenishment Operation Area: The RCS commands the unmanned forklift to go to the designated connection point, pick up the materials, and transport them to the specified storage location within the buffer zone.


  • 4After completing the unmanned forklift tasks, it proceeds to the next task or returns to the resting area to await further instructions.


Project Highlights:


  • Indoor-Outdoor Coordinated High-Flexibility Solution

This project presented several challenges, such as human-machine coexistence and cross-scene transportation, placing higher demands on the flexibility and operational accuracy of unmanned forklifts.


Multiway Robotics addressed the multi-zone operation of unmanned forklifts in this project by proposing a high-flexibility solution that enables indoor-outdoor coordinated operations. By combining standardized product matrices with intelligent software systems, the solution meets the diverse needs of complex scenarios in different industries.


  • Rapid Deployment without Site Modification


Multiway's unmanned forklifts utilize the Laser SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) natural navigation algorithm for precise positioning and navigation. With integrating with our self-developed "SkyEye system," a visual system technology with strong environmental adaptability. This enables quick deployment without the need for site modifications, thereby assisting enterprises in cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


In various human-machine interaction scenarios, the "pallet posture recognition" feature ensures accurate loading and unloading of goods. During inbound and outbound operations, the "visual inventory" function effortlessly digitizes cargo information data. In high-level racking scenarios, capabilities like "material stacking" and "high-position storage" effectively enhance warehouse space utilization.

  • Multi-AGVs Collaboration for Optimal Path Planning


Multiway Robotics' self-developed Scheduling System (RCS) has the capability to support the coordinated operation of hundreds of different vehicle models within the same facility while rapidly planning the optimal paths. In this project, multiple unmanned forklifts achieve global optimal navigation route planning, completing tasks in the shortest possible time, and effectively enhancing handling efficiency. The RCS ensures seamless coordination and synchronization among the unmanned forklifts, leading to a highly efficient and streamlined material handling process.


Multiway Robotics continuously strives for ultimate innovation in product development, carefully crafting solutions tailored to specific application scenarios based on customer demands. By constructing a cutting-edge intelligent logistics integrated delivery platform, we have empowered the leading clothing equipment manufacturing enterprise to achieve rapid smart manufacturing and accelerate their journey towards intelligent transformation.


As of now, Multiway Robotics has successfully implemented over 300 projects worldwide, spanning across more than 20 industries and various application scenarios. Leveraging modular product deployment and platform system delivery, Multiway consistently delivers value and excels in providing solutions for complex scenarios. Our exceptional capabilities in serving complex scenarios have enabled numerous enterprises to upgrade their logistics operations and embrace intelligent logistics.

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