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How does Multiway Robotics unmanned forklift solution solve complex scenarios and technical issues?

Manufacturing and logistics companies face challenges such as labor shortages, expensive labor costs, human safety risks, and additional management costs and risks. By utilizing robots, these problems can be effectively avoided.


Logistics automation can provide manufacturing companies with automated access, transportation, and information management of materials such as raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods. It enables the automation of material transportation and seamless integration with production lines, thereby flexibly meeting the material distribution needs of production.


Since the beginning of 2022, with the market demands deepening, the industry is moving towards standardization and scaling. Simultaneously, service models are becoming more flexible, imposing new requirements on companies regarding their technological capabilities and products. Multiway Robotics aims to meet these challenges by providing high-quality products and services, building comprehensive competitiveness, and adapting to various complex scenarios.


01 Empowered by hardware products +software systems


  • The most comprehensive series of unmanned forklift products in the industry, with a software system that covers everything from core sensors and algorithms to upper-level systems. The end-to-end solution is delivered as an integrated platform, catering to fragmented scene requirements.

  • Industry-first innovation, the Multiway X1, meets the triple pursuit of aesthetics, performance, and efficiency. Despite its compact size, it boasts significant power and distinctive performance advantages.

  • The product system is reliable, with each item undergoing rigorous quality inspections and high-standard MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) tests to ensure operational safety and stability.

  • Breakthroughs in self-developed core algorithms allow for a maximum lifting height of up to 10 meters for unmanned forklifts, with positioning accuracy of ±5mm for initial positioning and ±2mm for secondary positioning.


02 Coping with Complex Scenarios with Ease


The integrated software-hardware platform satisfies the diverse requirements of complex scenarios in different industries. Multiway offers flexible solutions to meet customer demands, including tasks ranging from receiving and warehousing to transfer and shelving, as well as in-warehouse and factory operations such as automated vertical storage, handling of stacked containers, high-level access, human-machine collaboration, and unmanned loading and unloading.


With modular product deployment and platform system delivery, Multiway continuously provides value and excels in serving complex scenarios. Its excellent service capabilities in complex scenarios have helped it win numerous benchmark customers across various industries. Multiway has already been successfully implemented in over 20 industries with complex scenarios.


03 Intelligent Software System, Efficient Operations


Vehicle operations are made intelligent through a scheduling system that enables real-time communication with the vehicles. This system facilitates multi-path optimal planning within a map model and vehicle cluster scheduling. It also dynamically displays the working positions and operational status of each vehicle, optimizing traffic control and task information to avoid congested route operations. Through seamless integration with other on-site automation systems and upstream/downstream equipment and systems, it achieves global optimal path navigation planning.


04 Worry-Free Safety Protection Operations


Unmanned vehicles provide triple safety protection, ensuring constant safeguarding of operational safety. Through safety sensors, algorithm control system protection, and auxiliary visual systems, the vehicles are equipped to enhance safety and meet the requirements of complex working conditions.


Efficient and high-quality safety operations rely on the visual system technology advantages of Multiway Robotics. It covers comprehensive dynamic monitoring of business operations, as well as coordination between vehicles, roads, and factories. This enables intelligent and automated intra-site logistics, ensuring safe and stable operations.


05  Automatic operation without manual intervention


  • The main navigation technology utilized is laser SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), which combines visual SLAM, retro-reflective markers, QR codes, and other positioning methods. This allows for flexible adaptation to different application scenarios without the need for scene modifications, meeting the demands of dynamic work environments.


  • It supports functions such as map construction, path planning, automatic charging, automatic operation, traffic control, coordination and docking, coordination and linkage, cluster scheduling, and more. These technical capabilities enable fully automated operations without the need for human intervention.


  • Leveraging machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, Multiway Robotics has developed the flexible "SkyEye Vision System Solution." Core technologies for complex adaptive scenarios such as "pallet posture recognition," "location detection," "visual inventory," "grasping and stretching," and "unmanned loading and unloading" have been developed, significantly enhancing the solution's flexibility and adaptability.


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