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Integrated software + hardware solution empowers a well-known building materials supplier in upgrading their intelligent logistics!

What changes can unmanned forklifts bring to factories?


Robots replacing human labor makes the relationship between vehicles and their surroundings more closely intertwined. In complex environments involving people, vehicles, and the surrounding area, innovative solutions are urgently needed.


Today, starting from this unmanned forklift, we will comprehensively explore the software and hardware capabilities of Multiway Robotics.


The customer is a globally renowned supplier of CNC steel reinforcement processing equipment, offering the most comprehensive product portfolio in the steel reinforcement processing industry. Their heavy steel reinforcement products have multiple specifications, while the factory's production environment is complex, leading to safety risks associated with manual handling.


By introducing Multiway Robotics' intelligent logistics solution, utilizing unmanned forklifts as the hardware platform, with target to provide a fully integrated service that is information-driven and logistics intelligent. This solution covers the entire process, from raw material storage to material distribution and finished product storage, in order to create an efficient and smooth material distribution system.


  • Implementation Scope:

Product off-line area, product temporary storage area, empty pallet storage area, finished product transfer area.


  • Handling Process:

The AGV forklift pallet stacker MW-L20 is connected to the stacking robot to transport goods from the product off-line area to the product storage area or finished product transfer area. It also moves empty pallets from the empty pallet storage area to the product off-line area or empty pallet buffer area.


  • Project Benefits:

By introducing the unmanned forklift system, the functionality of automatic product off-lining and automatic loading of empty carriers is achieved.


Intelligent Handling with Unmanned Forklifts, Enhancing Overall Automation


The total weight of the fully loaded steel reinforcement is 1500kg, and the receiving robot completes stacking approximately every 2 minutes. During transportation, workers must quickly move the steel reinforcement to the designated positions, resulting in physical exhaustion and mental fatigue due to high-intensity repetitive tasks.


By using intelligent logistics solution with unmanned forklifts, making inbound and outbound processes, material loading and unloading, and production line integration become automated and intelligent. This solution meets the requirements of high-frequency production and significantly improves accuracy. With continuous operation 24/7, it enhances overall standardization and production efficiency.


Integrated Software + Hardware Delivery for Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency in Management


The integrated software and hardware delivery of the intelligent logistics solution establishes connectivity among various stages of production, including logistics, information flow, and equipment flow. This enables traceability and real-time tracking of goods' data, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of production progress and facilitating exception monitoring. It brings about increased transparency, convenience, and efficiency in management.


The Warehouse Control System (WCS) interfaces with robots and PLC systems, receiving signals for material unloading and loading empty pallets. It ensures secure signal interactions between unmanned forklifts and stacking robots at designated workstations. Additionally, any changes in location information made through PAD are instantly uploaded to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), ensuring real-time updates.


Efficient Collaboration between Humans and Vehicles in Complex and Fragmented Environments


In the product storage area, there is a mixture of manual forklifts and unmanned forklifts. They operate in alternating regions within the area. When a manual forklift retrieves goods from the storage area, the location is released through the PAD, while the unmanned forklift updates inventory information in real-time through the Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Furthermore, the RCS scheduling system communicates with the robots through a wireless local area network, commanding the vehicles in the system to perform their tasks. The system interface provides real-time updates on the equipment status, location, and work status of each controlled robot.


Multiway Robotics' products and solutions are widely applied in various industries such as new energy, automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, and third-party logistics (3PL). We have served over 300 corporate clients, including more than 20 industry leaders, and have gained recognition from numerous customers.


By deploying in complex scenarios like high-level access, coordination of loading and unloading vehicles, vehicle-road collaboration, correction of misplacement, and stacking of crates, Multiway Robotics provides value to customers through modular product deployment and platform system delivery.

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