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Innovation in Motion: Transforming Automotive Parts Manufacturing with Unmanned Forklifts

In recent years, the overall automotive parts market has transitioned from incremental market to stock market. With the market competition intensifying, digital transformation centered around "smart manufacturing" has become a core strategy for automotive parts enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness.


Smart logistics is an important component of smart manufacturing, and gradually achieving smart manufacturing by focusing on smart logistics is an effective path for automotive parts enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Multiway Robotics has established deep collaborations with multiple automotive parts enterprises. By matching corresponding robotic products to address various needs related to different scenarios, functionalities, and forms. This initiative aims to build standardized solutions for the automotive parts industry.


Project Background:

After years of development, the automotive parts industry has achieved a high level of automation with strict standards and comprehensive systems in place. This case study focuses on a leading automotive parts enterprise that primarily produces automotive parts and fasteners. These products have a wide variety of specifications and diverse performance applications, requiring a high level of precision and standardization.


In the past, this enterprise heavily relied on manual labor for operations. However, the high cost of labor and inefficiencies in tasks such as manual picking and placing of goods and material transfer on/off the production line hindered their ability to meet production demands. To ensure efficient material handling, the company introduced a flexible and intelligent logistics automation system. This system covers the automated transfer of materials in the raw material processing area and the production packaging area.




Based on customer's requirements, Multiway Robotics provided an integrated software and hardware solution with "Counterbalanced stacker MW-SE15, WCS Equipment Control System, and RCS Scheduling System".


Counterbalanced stacker MW-SE15 can meet the requirement of carrying loads up to 1.5 tons and lifting within a range of 3 meters. Based on Multiway Robotics' self-developed laser navigation technology, it can be operated without modifying the existing environment. Multiple vehicles can autonomously plan the optimal path and perform fully automated operations throughout the process.


Highlights and Details:


By using the "SkyEye" system (pallet posture recognition technology), the AGV can autonomously adjust the forking angle to pick up loads even when the pallet is misaligned, demonstrating a high level of flexibility. With the aid of visual technology, the AGV can also recognize various types and specifications of carriers such as turnover buckets, 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets.


Furthermore, the WCS equipment control system has open standard interfaces, enabling seamless integration with WMS/ERP systems and other outside systems. Through 5G network connectivity, it can quickly respond to communication needs between the robots, sensors, backend networks, and other device systems.


The WCS system integrates with multiple production line systems, including the automatic material discharge outlet, processing machine feed inlet, material transfer conveyor, roller conveyor, chain conveyor, and connects with the WMS system of the warehouse, achieving unified management of the entire equipment operation system.


Customer Value:


Based on this solution, the enterprise can utilize mobile terminal devices such as smartphones and tablets to dispatch the AGVs, enabling seamless management of material inbound and outbound processes, transportation of finished and semi-finished goods, inventory operations in the vertical warehouse, and material transfers along the production line. This solution also allows for connectivity with upstream and downstream equipment, ensuring real-time transparency of information, efficient collaboration across workshops and floors, precise cargo tracking, and improved efficiency and accuracy in material handling operations.


Benefiting from the strong cooperation foundation in previous projects and the trust in Multiway Robotics' professional capabilities, the automotive parts enterprise has once again partnered with Multiway Robotics to undergo a comprehensive factory upgrade, further deepening their lean production management. By adding multiple clusters of robot vehicles for scheduling, they can meet the entire logistics demand and achieve a breakthrough in automating the entire logistics process without disrupting production. This collaboration allows for a seamless upgrade to full-scale logistics automation while keeping the factory operational and avoiding any production downtime.


As a leading intelligent intralogistics solution provider, in addition to offering customers advanced robot products in four major series and ten major categories, Multiway Robotics is also committed to achieving flexible interconnectivity of factory process equipment, personnel information, and cargo data at the logistics level. This aims to empower the intelligent upgrading of automotive parts through smarter, safer, and more efficient solutions. Multiway Robotics strives to enable seamless integration and communication between various aspects of the production ecosystem, ultimately enhancing the overall intelligence and performance of the automotive parts industry.


Throughout its development, Multiway Robotics has achieved a wide coverage in top-tier customers across multiple industries, including food, automotive, new energy, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. With over 300 successful projects implemented, many industry giants have chosen to collaborate deeply with Multiway Robotics based on our innovative achievements in intelligent logistics scenarios, solutions, and technologies. Together, we can explore a new era of intelligent logistics and forging a brighter future.

Learn More about MW-SE15: https://www.mw-r.com/products/slim-counterbalanced-forklift/

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